Paukn Air BAe 146 crashes at Melilla

Paukn Air BAe 146-100 EC-GEO (msn E1007) flying between Málaga and Melilla crashed in a mountainous area north of Melilla on the morning of Friday, 25 September 1998, killing all 38 on board. The aircraft was on approach to Melilla airport when she disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens just after 9am local time (0700Z). She crashed in an unpopulated, mountainous area about 12 km from the airport, in Moroccan territory. At the time of the crash, the aircraft was in radio communication with Melilla Airport, but under radar control from Málaga, since Melilla has no radar equipment. The BAe 146-100 was carrying 34 passengers and 4 crew members. The flight crew was composed of Captain Diego Clavero Muñoz and first officer Fernando Bartolomé. Four of the passengers were Moroccan, the rest were Spanish. Most passengers were members of the Spanish Civil Guard stationed in Melilla; three were officers in the Spanish Army. The aircraft had taken off from Málaga’s Pablo Picasso Airport at 0825am local time (0625Z), operating Paukn Air flight 4101. The last communication with the aircraft was at 0855am local (0655Z), when the crew indicated they were initiating their approach to Melilla airport. They did not report any problems. Shortly after this communication, radar contact was lost with the aircraft. The aircraft crashed in a mountainous area near the Cap des Trois Fourches, at an altitude of about 650m above sea level. The wreckage of the aircraft was broken in three main pieces.

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