Malmö Aviation negotiates to acquire China Northwest’s BAe 146-300s

Malmö Aviation is reported to be planning to acquire seven BAe 146-300s from China Northwest. The transaction would enable the Swedish company to substantially increase its capacity, both by increasing its fleet and by replacing some of its series 200s with the larger series 300s, which seat 16 more passengers. Malmö has been experiencing a heavy increase in passenger demand from Bromma, and plans to introduce new routes from Sweden to Milano (in association with Alitalia) and Amsterdam (in association with KLM). Malmö was acquired in August by Braathens, and is to merge its operations with Braathens Sweden (formerly Transwede), but retain the Malmö name. All Malmö’s flights have been operating with Braathens flight numbers since the winter schedule went into effect on 25 October. China Northwest’s BAe 146-300s were among the last 146s built before production switched to the Avro RJ series, and are transitional aircraft between the two models. They have the same LF507 engines as the RJ series, for example, but without the FADEC.

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