TNT to establish its own airline

TNT announced that it would establish and operate its own cargo airline company, to be called TNT Airways, to operate its carrier fleet. The new airline will be based in Liège, Belgium, where TNT’s state-of-the-art air cargo hub, the TNT European Express Centre, is located. It will replace the current arrangement whereby TNT’s aircraft are operated on its behalf by a variety of European operators. TNT’s fleet includes 18 BAe 146QTs (11 series 200QTs and 7 series 300QTs), eight of which are operated by Air Foyle, six by Pan Air Líneas Aéreas, one by Mistral Air, and two of which have recently returned to Europe following the end of a lease to Philippines-based Pacific East Asia Cargo. These will all be consolidated into TNT Airways as the contracts with each operator come to an end. TNT Airways is scheduled to begin operations in late 1999 and to be fully operational by 2002. TNT’s air network moves 1,400 tons of express cargo weekly and serves 50 airports every night throughout Europe.

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