BAe completes preliminary design review of the Avro RJX

BAe Regional Aircraft announced during the Paris Airshow that it had completed a Preliminary Design Review of the Integrated Powerplant System (IPPS) for the Avro RJX, covering the AS977 engine, nacelle, and pylon installation. The review was undertaken by a joint team from BAeRA, AlliedSignal Engines, and GKN/Westland (who build the pylons for the engines). The design goal is a 12,000-hour minimum on-wing life and extensive on-wing maintenance capability. To achieve this, the engine installation and nacelle are designed to provide easy access for maintenance, with a target of allowing replacement of engine Line Replacable Units (LRUs) in 15 minutes. A high proportion of composites will be used in the new, elongated nacelles. Modifications to the pylon have been kept to a minimum to allow the AS997 to be retrofitted to existing aircraft. Changes include revised engine mounts (to meet the new pick up positions), provision of a higher capacity ECS precooler (resulting from temperature and pressure changes in engine bleed) and minor aerodynamic changes to suit the longer nacelle length. The AlliedSignal AS900 is scheduled to make its first run in July. In addition to continuing work on the new engine installation, the RJX project team is also finalizing the specification for the RJX as a whole. Possible changes to cockpit instrumentation are still being reviewed, though the goal is to maintain a common type rating for the Avro RJ and RJX fleets. The RJX is scheduled to enter service in mid-2001, assuming a decision is made to proceed.

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