BAE Systems announces repeat orders for Avro RJ100s

Satisfied customers come back for more, and BAe was able to announce two repeat orders for Avro RJ100s at the European Regions Airline Association meeting in Paris.

  • British Airways franchise operator CityFlyer has placed a further repeat order for two Avro RJ100s, which will bring its fleet of the type to ten once they are delivered in April and May 2000. Another RJ100, ordered earlier, is also due in March. The airline also took an option on an additional RJ100. The new aircraft will be fitted with a modified auto-pilot allowing them to carry out reduced minima landings. Taking advantage of the unique ‘Super Fail Passive’ capability of the Avro RJ’s standard auto-pilot system, the modifications will allow CityFlyer to land in severe fog conditions, with a Runway Visual Range of only 150 metres. CityFlyer has also ordered modification kits to install the same system on its current RJ100s, all of which should completed in time for CityFlyer’s winter schedule.
  • Greek airline Aegean Aviation placed a second repeat order, for an additional RJ100 to be delivered in December. The two RJ100s in Aegean’s fleet during the summer achieved a despatch reliability of 99.98% on the airline’s routes from Athens to Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Heraklion, Chania, Alexandroupolis, Corfu, and Kavala. Delivery of the airline’s third RJ100 on 24 September allowed Aegean to add 56 weekly flights to its schedule. More than 120,000 passengers have been carried so far, with average load factors exceeding 75% system wide. Aegean President and CEO Theodore Vassilakis stated that “the smooth introduction to service, strong market demand and high passenger appeal prompted us to commit so soon to additional units of this fine 100-seat aircraft.”

These orders bring firm sales of the Avro RJ family to 152 aircraft, and total sales of the combined BAe 146/Avro RJ family to 371 aircraft.

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