SABENA Avro RJ100s damaged in ground collision

Avro RJ100s OO-DWF (msn E3332) and OO-DWE (msn E3327) of SABENA were damaged in a ground collision at Brussels on 3 September. OO-DWF was being pushed back from the terminal when the tug disconnected before the pilot had started the engines, and she rolled into OO-DWE. The hydraulic circuits had not been charged, so the pilot was unable to stop the aircraft. OO-DWE was flown to Woodford for repairs on 7 September. OO-DWF is too badly damaged to fly and will be repaired at Brussels with the help of BAe engineers. Both are operated on SABENA’s behalf by Delta Air Transport (DAT). SABENA leased BAe 146-200QC G-ZAPK (msn E2148) from Titan Airways to help cover for their absence.

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