TNT Airways begins operations

TNT Airways began operating from its Liège base in mid-February. Hitherto, TNT’s fleet of freighters, including its 18 BAe 146QTs, has been operated on its behalf by a variety of European airlines. As an Australian company, TNT had been precluded from operating its own airline. After TNT was bought by the Dutch Post Office in 1997, the restriction no longer applied, and a decision was made in April 1999 to establish an in-house airline. Doing so proved more complicated than anticipated, however. The new TNT Airways also has experienced difficulties in attracting flying crew to high-tax Belgium. At present, TNT Airways is operating a single BAe 146-300QT, OO-TAA (msn E3151), with more due to be added in coming months. All eight 146s currently operated by Air Foyle are due to be transferred by 3 May, when Air Foyle’s contract to operate them comes to an end. Pan Air Líneas Aéreas‘s contract runs for another year.

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