AirFoyle ends BAe 146 operations

The BAe 146 era ended at Air Foyle when its last BAe 146QTs was transferred to TNT Airways. Luton-based Air Foyle was the first airline to operate BAe 146QTs, in May 1987. The airline’s BAe 146QT fleet — all owned by TNT and operated on its behalf — included both series 200QTs and series 300QTs; the actual aircraft operated varied over time, as TNT rotated the aircraft among the various airlines operating on its behalf. In 1999, TNT decided to start its own airline, and ended AirFoyle’s contract. The first 146 was transferred in mid-February, and the rest followed at a rate of one every two weeks. G-TJPM (msn E3150) was the last to be transferred to TNT Airways, being re-registered OO-TAK. About 55 of AirFoyle’s 146 pilots also transferred to TNT.

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