British European orders Avro RJX-100s

Exeter-based British European has agreed to acquire as many as 20 Avro RJX-100s. In a deal worth over US$600 million, British European signed a memorandum of understanding for twelve RJX-100s, with options on a further eight options. The MoU calls for deliveries to begin in April 2002 and continue through March 2006. The RJX-100s will gradually replace British European’s current fleet of BAe 146s — three series 100s, seven series 200s, and six series 300s, with one more series 200 scheduled for delivery. The RJX-100s will be used throughout British European’s route system, as well as on the routes it operates on Air France’s behalf. British European’s RJX-100s will be configured with 112 seats, while those to be operated for Air France will seat 100. The RJX’s ability to operate from London City, where British European is building a hub, and Belfast City, where British European is the largest operator, was a key factor in its selection. From London City, for example, the RJX-100 will be able to carry 100 passengers as far as 760 nautical miles even on a hot summer day — compared to the BAe 146-300’s limit of 124 nm under the same conditions. British European, which changed its name from Jersey European in 2000, is one of Asset Management’s greatest success stories; its order for RJXs continues this relationship. This order brings a welcome boost to the RJX orderbook, which so far included only one firm order, from Bhutan’s Druk Air for two RJX-85s, and six options, from CityFlyer for RJX-100s — and the latter are in some doubt in light of British Airways’s decision to standardize the regional jet fleet of its regional subsidiaries.

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