WDL flies for Deutsche BA

Köln-based BAe 146 operator WDL Aviation has received a contract to operate a BAe 146-200 on behalf of Deutsche BA on routes from Münich to Hamburg and Köln. Operations began on 11 March, using series 200 D-AMAJ (msn E2028) painted with Deutsche BA’s titles and its ‘Bavaria’ tail colors. The contract is due to last for one year. WDL had already operated the same 146 on Deutsche BA’s behalf for several weeks in November 2000, flying between Köln and Münich, Dusseldorf, and Berlin (Tegel). WDL had previously operated for Deutsche BA in late 2000. Two of WDL’s other 146s are operated for EADS on the shuttle between the Airbus plants at Hamburg Finkenwerder and Toulouse, while the fourth is operated for BMW between Münich and Birmingham.

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