Avro RJX test program detailed

The test program which began with Saturday’s maiden flight is expected to last until early 2002. In the first phase of the program, testing will focus mainly on confirming aircraft handling characteristics and the operation of the new systems. The second phase will focus on performance testing. During this phase, G-ORJX will spend about three months in the Americas, where hotter conditions and higher elevation airfields are available. This phase will also include a stay at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Eglin Air Force base in Florida, which has facilities for testing aircraft in environments ranging from minus 540C to plus 740C with 100-mile per hour winds, icing, clouds, rain, and snow. The second RJX, RJX-100 msn G-IRJX (msn E3378), is expected to make her first flight in July. She will then join the test program, undertaking performance, handling, and systems development trials. She will also be used for autoland validation and to gather data for the simulator. The third RJX built, RJX-100 msn E3391, will also take part in testing. Following her first flight, scheduled for October 2001, she will used to measure internal noise, for tests such as proof against electromagnetic interference, and for airworthiness authority assessments. Unlike G-ORJX and G-IRJX, E3391 will be a fully furnished passenger aircraft. BAE Systems expect the RJX to receive its airworthiness certification in the first quarter of 2002. Both prototype aircraft will then be refurbished for customer delivery.

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