CityFlyer takes sixteenth (and last?) Avro RJ100

Gatwick-based Avro RJ operator CityFlyer has taken delivery of its sixteenth RJ100 — the last it had on firm order. The aircraft, registered G-CFAH, is the last of a group of six ordered by CityFlyer in July 2000. CityFlyer took delivery of her on 8 June and placed her into service on the following day. She had actually been ready for delivery some ten days earlier, but CityFlyer did not have sufficient crews ready and so delayed accepting her. CityFlyer holds six options for RJX-100s, but their fate depends on British Airways’ decision on a large order of regional jets to be used by its subsidiaries and those of OneWorld Alliance partner QANTAS. CityFlyer is being integrated into British Airways’ other Gatwick-based subsidiary, EOG. Most management functions have already been integrated. Most remaining staff are operational, and will remain at CityFlyer until next March, when all operations will be consolidated at Gatwick’s North Terminal. CityFlyer’s pilots recently voted to accept British Airways’ offer on pay and conditions.

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