CityJet BAe 146s cover for Gill Fokker 100s

Gill Airways arranged for CityJet to operate BAe 146s on its behalf for a four-week period, to cover for maintenance downtime on its Fokker 100s. The arrangement began on 22 July and ended on 17 August, with 146s operating on Gill’s route from Newcastle to Paris Charles de Gaulle. Although the aircraft may have been different, the color scheme was not — both Gill and CityJet operate their aircraft in full Air France colors. A variety of CityJet 146s were used on the services, although usually a single aircraft flew most of any given day’s rotations. This is not the first time that Gill has called on 146s to cover for its Fokker 100s. In addition to CityJet, Air Jet, Flightline, and Titan have all operated 146s on Gill’s behalf at various times in recent years.

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