Druk Air’s BAe 146 returns home

Following an extended stay at Woodford, Druk Air‘s BAe 146-100 A5-RGD (msn E1095) headed back to Bhutan on 1 August. The aircraft arrived in Woodford in June 2000 for a C check, but had to remain longer when microbiological contamination was found to have caused corrosion in the wings. Ultimately, the wings were replaced. During RGD’s absence, Druk soldiered on with its remaining 146, A5-RGE (msn E1199). The lack of capacity forced Druk to charter aircraft for the connecting portions of its flights (Kathmandhu-Delhi, Dhaka-Bangkok, and Calcutta-Bangkok), while RGE concentrated on the sectors in and out of Paro — the 146 is the only jetliner certified to operate into Paro. The airline found itself completely grounded for several days in early May after an aileron was damaged on RGE while she was being towed to the hangar. Druk is due to receive two RJX-85s next year.

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