Bahrain Defence Force to take delivery of Avro RJ85

BAE Systems was confirmed that the unannounced customer for the Avro RJ85 ordered in early March is the Bahrain Defence Force. The Bahrain Defence Force, which hitherto had been exclusively a helicopter operator, selected the Avro RJ85 for its outstanding airfield performance and operational flexibility. The RJ85 will be used in a variety of roles. Including support, the deal is worth US$25 million. The aircraft, msn E2390, was recently rolled out at Woodford and is due to be delivered in November 2001. The identity of E2390’s buyer has long been something of an open secret, having been revealed in various publications. Total announced orders for Avro RJ stand at 166 aircraft, leaving only 4 aircraft from the planned Avro RJ production run — two RJ85s and two RJ100s — which are expected to be sold to National Jet Italia. Total sales for the BAe 146/ Avro RJ/ Avro RJX family stand at 399 firm orders, with 14 options.

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