DAT resumes operations


DAT’s Avro RJs now operate under its own name (Staffan Hardie)

Delta Air Transport (DAT), the regional subsidiary of bankrupt Belgian national airline SABENA, resumed limited operations on 10 November. One of its Avro RJ100s inaugurated the new services with a flight from Brussels to Genève. Four other flights were operated that day. On the following day, 22 services were operated. The flights use SABENA’s flight numbers, but DAT’s own ‘QG’ designator. SABENA titles have been removed from DAT’s aircraft, leaving only the small ‘Operated by DAT’ stickers. DAT’s proposed initial schedule called for it fly to 35 European destinations using its fleet of six BAe 146-200s, fourteen Avro RJ85s, and twelve RJ100s. The possibility of DAT also taking over some of SABENA’s grounded fleet to operate to additional destinations is being studied. The European Commission has agreed that the EUR125 million bridging loan the Belgian government had provided to SABENA could be transferred to DAT. The government has also announced that un-named investors had agreed to provide a further E200 million to build a new company around DAT. Talks also continued with Virgin Express about a possible link-up. Air Belgium has been mentioned as a possible name for the new carrier.

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