British Airways considers Gatwick cutbacks

British Airways is considering further cuts in its loss-making operations from London Gatwick. BA has already slashed most of its long-range routes from Gatwick; a new round of cuts would primarily affect its short-range routes, including those flown by the sixteen Avro RJ100s formerly flown by CityFlyer. CityFlyer has gradually been integrated into BA’s Gatwick-based subsidiary, EOG, during the course of 2001. Although CityFlyer still remains nominally distinct, most functions have by now been integrated. CityFlyer flights use BA’s “Speedbird” callsign, and almost all departures are from Gatwick’s North Terminal, with only the German, Channel Islands, and Irish flights departing from the South Terminal. When the decision to merge CityFleyer into EOG was announced, almost everyone had expressed skepticism about the wisdom of merging profitable CityFlyer into unprofitable EOG, including this site. It seems that almost everyone was right.

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