Crossair to go Swiss

Crossair is already Swiss, of course, but it is now formally adopting the name as a new Swiss national airline is built around it. The new airline, which will join Crossair with the remnants of bankrupt Swissair, will be formally known as “Swiss Air Lines” and advertize itself as “Swiss”. It will officially begin flying on 1 April. Crossair’s entire fleet, which includes four Avro RJ85s and fifteen RJ100s, will form the core of the new airline’s fleet, along with 26 of Swissair’s Airbus A320s, 13 A330s, and 13 McDonnell Douglas MD-11s. One of the former Swissair A320s has already been painted in the new colors, which combine an all-white fuselage with a traditional Swissair-style tail with the Swiss flag. The name “Swiss” appears on the forward fuselage, either in English or in one of Switzerland’s four national languages (German, French, Italian, and Romansch). This will be the third color scheme worn by Crossair’s Avro RJs. The BAe 146s it operated before switching to Avro RJs wore a fourth, earlier color scheme.

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