Former CityFlyer Avro RJs to move from Gatwick

In an effort to restore it’s loss-making Gatwick operations to profitability, British Airways is planning to move the sixteen former CityFlyer Avro RJ100s to Birmingham and Manchester. At Birmingham, the RJ100s will displace eight A319s that will move to Heathrow, while four 737s will move from Manchester to Gatwick. The moves are a result of BA’s ‘Future Size and Shape’ review. They will allow BA to focus its regional operations at each airport on a single type, thus helping reduce costs and — BA hopes — achieve profitability. Of course, BA had had a profitable operation at Gatwick: CityFlyer, which had never lost money until its ill-advised merger with BA’s EOG division. Having dismantled CityFlyer’s operations, BA must now hope its latest restructuring will give its other Gatwick operations a profitability they never had.

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