British European becomes Flybe

British European BAe 146-300 G-JEBE

British European BAe 146-300 G-JEBE has been painted in Flybe colors (Dean Barnes)

Exeter-based BAe 146 operator British European is changing its name to Flybe. The airline had been using Flybe as a marketing brand for its low-fare services since last November. It had initially been used on the London-Belfast routes, where British European competed with several low-fare carriers. The brand was later expanded to other routes on which the airline offered low fares. A new color scheme which incorporated the brand name was launched in mid-May, but at the time “flybe” was still seen as a marketing slogan, as in “fly British European next time you fly”. The name change is accompanied by an advertising campaign stressing the ‘new deal’ the airline offers to passengers, embodied in a Customer Charter which includes the abolition of overbooking. Flybe operates sixteen BAe 146s, including two series 100, eight series 200s, and six series 300s. One has already been painted in the new colors.

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