Storm thrashes stored Ansett 146s

A violent windstorm that swept through the Melbourne area on 2 September caused substantial damage to several of the former Air New Zealand and Qantas New Zealand BAe 146s parked at Essendon airport. The winds caused most of the 146s to break their moorings; several were then pushed into each other. Five of the 146s suffered various degrees of damage; two were un-damaged. The 146s were placed in storage at Essendon earlier this year, after being retired from service in New Zealand. They had been taken over by Air New Zealand after the collapse of Qantas New Zealand. Air New Zealand later placed four of them into service for some time. The 146s reverted to Ansett after Air New Zealand cut its ties to its former subsidiary, which then went bankrupt. The 146s are being managed by Ansett administrators. The damage will certainly complicate efforts to sell the aircraft.

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