Air Zimbabwe works on parked BAe 146

Air Zimbabwe is apparently working to restore its single BAe 146 into service. The series 200 has been parked at Harare since April 2000, a result of the route cutbacks forced on the airline by fuel shortages and plumetting passenger loads due to the country’s tense political situation. It is believed to be in poor condition, as no efforts were made to prepare it for storage — not even to the extent of placing covers on the engines. A team of engineers from South Africa is carrying out a C check on her. It is unclear whether the airline intends to place her back into service or try to sell her. Selling her might prove difficult, as she is actually owned by the Ministry of Defence, and thus falls under the restrictions that many countries have placed on dealing with Zimbabwe’s government. The presence of the South African engineers came to light when the airline’s union complained at their hiring while many of Air Zimbabwe’s own maintenance staff have been dismissed for going on strike.

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