Ryanair takes the axe to buzz

Ryanair has announced swingeing cuts in the operations of buzz, which it is acquiring from KLM. As of 1 April (when the transaction is scheduled to be closed), all buzz flights will be grounded to allow time for the company to be restructured. Service on most buzz routes will be suspended, though Ryanair itself will take over some, in some cases moving the terminus to secondary airports, as is its practice. buzz’s aircraft will remain grounded for at least four weeks. When operations restart, only eight aircraft will be operated, including only two of the BAe 146s rather than six as originally contemplated. As a result of these changes, over 400 buzz employees — two thirds of the total — will lose their jobs. These announcements have understandably caused considerable distress within buzz, but Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary has threatened to shut down the airline entirely if there is any resistance to his plans.

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