Avtrade to remarket Air China BAe 146s

Broker Avtrade has acquired Air China‘s four BAe 146-100s for re-marketing, along with six spare engines, five APU’s, and the airline’s stock of rotable components. The four 146s were built in 1987, part of an order for ten placed by the then state airline, CAAC, and delivered to CAAC’s Beijing division. Air China inherited the four 146s when CAAC was split into separate airlines in 1989. All four were withdrawn from use early this year and placed in storage at Hohot, their main base for many years. They have between 31,500 and 33,000 hours. While they have not received various mandated modifications necessary for operation in Europe or the USA, such as TCAS, RVSM, or the engine modifications to prevent icing-induced rollback, Avtrade is ready to arrange those modifications if required. All four aircraft are available immediately. Avtrade is a well-established supplier of aircraft components, primarily for Boeing aircraft.

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