Further cuts for Swiss

Loss-making Swiss International Air Lines is to make further cuts in its fleet and route structure in a bid to survive. 34 aircraft are to be withdrawn from use, reducing the fleet to 18 long-haul aircraft, 21 medium-haul aircraft, and 35 regional aircraft. The airline did not specify how the regional fleet would be cut, but the reductions are likely to take place by returning the SAAB 2000 fleet, leaving the Avro RJ fleet (15 RJ100s an 4 RJ85s) untouched. The airline is also planning to re-position its in-flight service, offering both a Premium Business Class and an extremely competitively priced Economy Class on European routes. In the meantime, conflict between the former Swissair and former Crossair pilot groups continues to plague the airline. The court of arbitration recently ruled that any job losses should be shared proportionally across the two pilot groups, an approach that the airline claims would result in unacceptably high costs.

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