How many BAe 146s/Avro RJs?

BAE Systems’ press release on the delivery of the final Avro RJ notes it “bring[s] the total of BAe 146 and Avro RJs delivered to 390.” In fact, 391 BAe 146s and Avro RJs were built, but one — the series 200 prototype, msn E2008 — was never sold and was later parted out. The first prototype, and later the series 300 prototype (msn 1001/E3001) was also retained by BAe, but will now be used for atmospheric research. In addition, three RJXs were built — four, if the first production RJX-85, which was substantially complete when production was terminated, is counted. This brings the total for the entire program to 394 (or, arguably, 395). This makes it by far the most successful British-built jetliner, but falls short of the 444 mark set by the Vickers Viscount (and, of course, the even higher production total of the Britten-Norman Islander, although most of the latter were built outside the U.K.).

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