First Mesaba Avro RJ85 painted in new Northwest colors

Mesaba Avro RJ85 N501XJ

Mesaba Avro RJ85 N501XJ shows off Northwest Airlink’s new colors (Jason Hamm)

The first Mesaba Avro RJ85 has been painted in the new colors of Northwest Jet Airlink. Northwest adopted the new colors two years ago, but has been repainting aircraft only as they come due for painting anyway. As Mesaba’s RJ85s are relatively new, they are only now appearing in the new colors. N501XJ (msn E2208) was the first RJ85 to be repainted, emerging from the paintshop at Greenville, Mississippi, on 22 March. Her first revenue flight in the new colors was NW3472, from Northwest’s hub at Memphis, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama. Mesaba operates 35 RJ85s on Northwest’s Airlink services.

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