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“Blair Force One” to replace BAe 146s?

The British government is proposing to procure two new aircraft to fly ministers and the royal family, including one Boeing 737-sized aircraft and a smaller business jet. These aircraft would replace the BAe 146s and HS 125s currently flown by No.32 (The Royal) Squadron from late 2007/early 2008. The new […]

New Spanish airline to operate BAe 146s

A new Spanish airline based at Valencia, Orionair, is planning to lease two former Ansett BAe 146-300s, G-EEWM (E3179 ex VH-EWM) and G-EEWR (E3195 ex VH-EWR). The two 146s were ferried to England in late 2005, and have been undergoing maintenance at Exeter. G-EEWR flew an air test on 21 […]

Hemus Air BAe 146-300s enter service

Bulgarian airline Hemus Air has placed into service its first two BAe 146-300s. Former Aer Lingus BAe 146-300 LZ-HBE (msn E3131 ex EI-CLG) entered service in early May, and former Air Wisconsin LZ-HBD (msn E3141 ex N615AW) at the end of the month. The airline has also received two more […]

Hemus Air BAe 146-300 LZ-HBD

Interstate adds a BAe 146

Dutch ACMI operator Interstate is wet-leasing BAe 146-200 LZ-HBC (msn E2093) from Hemus Air. Maastricht-based Interstate has been operating flights from Reggio Calabria airport in southern Italy on behalf of the airport’s managing company, SOGAS, since December 2005. The 88-seat BAe 146 replaces a Boeing 737-500 leased from Lithuanian Airlines […]

Interstate BAe 146 LZ-HBC