More Ansett BAe 146s scrapped

Former Ansett BAe 146s VH-JJP, ZH-NZH, and ZK-NZI

Awaiting the axe at Melbourne: former Ansett BAe 146s VH-JJP, ZH-NZH, and ZK-NZI (anonymous)

A further three former Ansett BAe 146s have met an ignominious end at Melbourne. Series 200 VH-JJP (msn E2037), and series 300s ZH-NZH (msn E3137) and ZK-NZI (msn E3143) were parted out and then dragged out onto the apron to be chopped up. Two additional series 300s, ZK-NZL (msn E3175) and ZK-NZN (msn E3177), are also to suffer the same fate shortly. Two further examples, ZK-NZK (msn E3190) and ZK-NZM (msn E3173), are to remain intact for now, as efforts to sell them continue.

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