Scare for TAM BAe 146 VIP passengers

Members of the Bolivian Constituent Assembly got a scare when the Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM) BAe 146 that was to carry them aborted her takeoff. BAe 146-200 FAB-100 (msn E2080) was accelerating for takeoff from Tarija’s Oriel Lea Plaza Airport when she ingested a bird into one of her right side engines. The pilots aborted the takeoff and taxied back to the terminal. The incident would have been routine but for the presence on board of the President of the Constituent Assembly, Silvia Lazarte, and 86 other members of the Assembly and its staff. They are on a city-by-city tour of the country to gather views on reforming the country’s constitution. A TAM Hercules came to pick them up pending a thorough examination and possible repairs to FAB-100’s engine.

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