Club Air resumes operations

After many delays, Club Air finally resumed operations on 1 August, after ENAC rescinded the suspension of the airline’s AOC. At present the airline’s fleet consists of a single Avro RJ85, I-CLBA (msn E2300), who recently received a new paint scheme. She was ferried from Verona to Ancona on 26 July in anticipation of service start. The first day of operations proved a rocky one, with many services running late. The flight to Tirana proved particularly embarassing, having to divert to Skopje after being refused authorization to land in Albania. Some of the Italian passengers were able to arrange ground transportation from Skopje, but the Albanian passengers were denied entry into Macedonia as they lacked proper documentation, and had to return to Italy, along with the remaining Italian passengers. The flight was finally able to reach Tirana on the following day, once appropriate authorization had been received. Passengers loads have generally been very light — not surprising, in light of the uncertainty over the date of the airline’s return to the skies.

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