New Indonesian airline to operate BAe 146s

A new Indonesian airline, PT Linus Airways, has signed lease agreements with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft for two BAe 146-200s. The two aircraft, G-CEIJ (msn E2204 ex I-FLRU) and G-BVMP (msn E2210 ex YU-AGL), will be delivered before the end of the summer. Both are former Meridiana aircraft, with one having since flown for Club Air and the other for Centavia. Linus Airways plans to fly from Jakarta to destinations in eastern Indonesia, including Medan, Palembang, Pekan Baru, Batam, Semarang, and Tanjug Padan. Linus is short for Lintasan Nusantara, which means ‘bridge across the archipelago’. The airline had originally been formed in 2004, and had already been considering using BAe 146s or Avro RJs at the time. Talks were held with BAE Systems, but even though an MOU was signed nothing came of it. Instead, a Boeing 737-200 was procured, but as the airline did not have an AOC this aircraft sat unused at Jakarta’s Halim airport. Having finally received its AOC, the airline is now ready to try again. The airline will configure its 146s with 98 seats in a single-class. Maintenance will be provided by PT Indo Pelita Air Service, which also maintains Pelita Air Service’s VVIP-configured Avro RJ85.

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