MDLR obtains regional airline licence


MDLR Avro RJ70 VT-MDL at Delhi (Vishal Jolapara)

Indian Avro RJ operator MDLR Airlines was awarded a regional airline licence by the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The award frees the airline from the legal cloud under which they have been operating, as their previous licence only allowed unscheduled flights. The new regional airline licence, introduced this year, is aimed at stimulating links to second-tier cities, and is easier to obtain than a licence to operate nationwide. A regional airline is supposed to fly primarily within one of four regions in which the country has been divided (North region, in MDLR’s case). Each region has a designated metro airport (Delhi, in the North region); regional airlines can serve the metro airport for their region, but cannot serve the metro airport of another region. It is thus unclear if MDLR will be able to proceed with their plan to link Delhi with Chennai (a metro airport in the South region). MDLR was in the second group of airlines to be awarded regional airline licences, along with Jagson Airline. Earlier, Chennai-based Star Aviation had received the first regional airline licence.

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