Former Club Air BAe 146 broken up

Former Club Air BAe 146-200 I-TERV

Former Club Air BAe 146-200 I-TERV in storage at Southend (Kevin Hudson)

Former Club Air BAe 146-200 I-TERB (msn E2012) was scrapped by Inflite at Southend in early April, after all usable spares had been removed. I-TERV (msn E2014) is scheduled to suffer the same fate in June. They had been Club Air’s first aircraft, in late 2002. Both have been in storage at Southend since the fall of 2006. They had been offered for sale by PRISMA Aviation Services in mid-2007, but the sale was withdrawn when they were sold back to Club Air as part of a settlement of debts. They remained at Southend, however, and were eventually acquired for spares by Ansett Spares & Services.

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