CityJet to add more Avro RJs

Former Mesaba Avro RJ85 N512XJ at Marana

Former Mesaba Avro RJ85 N512XJ has now left Marana (John Meneely)

CityJet has acquired two more former Mesaba Avro RJ85s to add to its current fleet of 23. N502XJ (msn E2307) and N512XJ (msn E2326) were purchased from lessor Tronos, who bought them from Lehmann Bros. N512XJ was ferried from Marana, where she had been stored, to Norwich over 21-22 March. N502XJ is scheduled to follow shortly. Although CityJet recently took delivery of the last of 23 RJ85s, they require additional capacity to fulfill the ambitious expansion plans at London City of owner Air France-KLM. Accordingly, the airline is still on the market for additional examples of the type.

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