Aerocondor pins hopes on BAe 146

Aerocondor BAe 146-200 OB-1885-P

Aerocondor BAe 146-200 OB-1885-P at Lima (Miguel Cano Alva Vidal)

Peruvian airline Aerocondor is pinning its hopes for its future operations on its BAe 146. Following a series of mishaps, the airline was forced to ground its four Boeing 737-200s by the Peruvian Civil Aviation Directorate (DGAC) on 11 June. Although the airline had announced on the previous day that it was withdrawing the 737s from use “because of high fuel prices” this is thought to have been an effort to deflect the pending DGAC grounding order. Without its 737s, the airline has been forced to cancel most of its services, with only flights to Cajamarca being retained, as well as charters for the oil industry and tourist overflights of the Nazca lines. Barring a reversal of DGAC’s grouding order, the airline’s only hope of resuming jet services lies with its sole BAe 146, series 200 OB-1885-P (msn E2087 ex N293UE). Although a company press release indicates that flights continue using the airline’s other aircraft including its “Fokkers, Antonovs, and Bae-146” (sic), Aerocondor is in fact still awaiting certification by the DGAC for the 146. Whether this certification will be forthcoming in light of the DGAC’s safety concerns over Aerocondor’s operations is an open question. Aerocondor had presented the recently painted 146 to the press on 4 June, together with its newly acquired Boeing 727 freighter. The 146 is configured with 88 seats in a single cabin.

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