Brussels Airlines in Avro RJ sale and lease back deal

Brussels Airlines has concluded a sale and lease back deal with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft for three of its Avro RJ100s. The deal complements an earlier agreement, signed in 2005, under which the airline has gradually been selling its Avro RJ fleet back to BAE Systems and then immediately leasing the aircraft back. Seventeen of the 23 Avro RJs covered by the 2005 deal have now been bought by BAE Systems and leased back to Brussels Airlines, with the final six aircraft to follow this year and next. The new deal covers the three last Avro RJ100s delivered to the Belgian airline (when it was still Delta Air Transport (DAT)). These three RJ100s were under a different financing structure, and so had been left out of the 2005 deal. Together, these deals mean that Brussels Airlines will continue to operate Avro RJs until at least 2015.

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