BAE Systems moves to repossess MDLR Avro RJ70s

BAE Systems is attempting to repossess for non-payment the three Avro RJ70s it as leased to MDLR Airlines. “We have been trying for a long time to resolve this to no avail,” said a BAE Systems spokesman, “so regrettably we have taken steps to terminate the leases and repossess the aircraft.” Like other Indian airlines, MDLR has been hit by a substantial decline in passenger numbers, due first to high fuel and food prices, and then to the current economic crisis. Passenger numbers throughout India were 20% lower in September compared to the previous year, and 13% lower in October. MDLR began services in April 2007, initially with a sole RJ70, and eventually built its fleet to three examples of the type. MDLR has attempted to fill the gap left by declining loads on its scheduled flights by operating charters, but this has evidently not been sufficient.

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