Second BA CityFlyer mishap at London City

BA CityFlyer RJ100 G-BXAR

Rescue vehicles surround BA CityFlyer RJ100 G-BXAR (Sean O’Shea)

BA CityFlyer Avro RJ100 G-BXAR (msn E3298) suffered a nosewheel failure on landing at London City on 13 February. G-BXAR was arriving from Amsterdam as BA8456, with 67 passengers and four crewmembers. The aircraft touched down normally on its main wheels, but when the nose came down the nose gear collapsed rearwards. As she came to a stop on the runway, the cabin began to fill with smoke, so the passengers were evacuated using the emergency slides. One passenger sustained injuries during the evacuation, and had to be taken to the hospital. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has initiated an investigation. G-BXAR has been towed to a remote stand pending repairs. It was the second time this month that a BA CityFlyer RJ100 had nosewheel problems at London City. On 5 February, RJ100 G-BZAW (msn E3354) landed with a loose nosewheel, forcing the airport to close for several hours until she could be towed off the runway. British Airways is inspecting the nose gears of all its Avro RJs.

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