Airlink Avro RJ85 damaged at Johannesburg

Airlink RJ85 ZS-ASW

ZS-ASW = Aircraft Smashes Wall? (via Hubert Wentzel)

Avro RJ85 ZS-ASW (msn E2313) operated by Airlink was damaged when she punched through a boundary wall at Johannesburg’s Oliver R. Tambo International Airport on 8 April. She was apparently being taxied by airline mechanics, who may have forgotten that hydraulic pumps — and hence braking power — are only found on No.2 and No.3 engines. She seems to have rolled across a parking area, crossed the grass covered perimeter, and punched through the 2.2m high brick wall. Although the initial score seemed to be RJ85: 1, wall: 0, damage to the aircraft is still being assessed. ZS-ASW is on lease from Safair.

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