BAE Systems offers cabin air filter

BAE Systems and Quest International UK, a firm based in Cheadle, Cheshire, are offering a new active air management system, called AirManager, which they claim will set a new standard for exceptionally clean air on board aircraft. AirManager uses Close Coupled Field Technology (CCFT), which is a contained and safe electrical field that eliminates smells, and breaks down and destroys airborne pathogens, contaminants, and toxins. AirManager will initially be offered for BAe 146s, Avro RJs, and Boeing 757s. Each BAe 146 or Avro RJ would require two AirManager units, which could be installed in stages over several days as part of overnight line maintenance. One of the airlines that was involved in trials of the system has ordered AirManager for its Avro RJ fleet. BAE Systems will also install the system on the 146s used by its Corporate Air Travel executive shuttle.

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