African Airline Investments shuts down

AAI BAe 146s ZS-SOR and ZS-SOU

AAI BAe 146s ZS-SOR and ZS-SOU at Lanseria (Omer Mees)

Lanseria-based African Airline Investments (AAI) appears to have closed down. The company owns seven BAe 146s, including four series 200s (ZS-SBD msn E2053, ZS-SFZ msn E2030, ZS-SOV msn E2077, and ZS-SOW msn E2069) and three series 300s (ZS-SOP msn E3187, ZS-SOR msn E3155, and ZS-SOU msn E3118). Of these, ZS-SOP is currently leased to Nationale RĂ©gionale Transport (NRT) in Gabon and ZS-SOV to Cronos Airlines in Equatorial Guinea. The others are all parked at Lanseria Airport outside Johannesburg. The fate of all these aircraft is uncertain.

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