Brussels Airlines briefly grounds two Avro RJs after flap problems

Brussels Airlines briefly grounded two of its Avro RJs after they experienced repeated flap failures. Avro RJ100 OO-DWI (msn E3342) first experienced flap problems on 3 November, while inbound to Wien. It then had problems again on 19 November, while on approach to Bruxelles, and again on 21 November, on approach to Vilnius. Meanwhile, RJ100 OO-DWD experienced flap problems on 17 November, while on approach to Göteborg, and then again the following day, while on approach to Bologna, and once again four days after that, on 22 November, on approach to Budapest. In all cases, the flights ended safely. A flapless landing does not pose any particular problems for an Avro RJ, unless the runway is particularly short. Nevertheless, Brussels Airlines removed both RJ100s from service for detailed inspections. Both returned to service soon thereafter.

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