CityJet Avro RJ85s fly for Flybe

After a few years’ absence, BAe 146 family aircraft were once again operating for Flybe, albeit by proxy. A number of CityJet Avro RJ85s operated on Flybe’s behalf from late summer to the middle of fall, primarily on routes from Edinburgh usually served by Bombardier Q400s. Avro RJ85 EI-RJN (msn E2351) started off on 18 August, but EI-RJC (msn E2333) took over the following day until 1 September. EI-RJN then stepped in again for three days, from 3 to 5 September. EI-RJU (msn E2367) covered the next three days, from 8 to 10 September, before handing over to EI-RJV (msn E2370), who only stayed for two days, 11 to 12 September. EI-RJD (msn E2334) then took over, from 13 to 26 September, but her long stay was followed by another three-day stint, this time by EI-WXA (msn E2310) from 27 to 29 September. EI-RJY (msn E2307) then took over the baton on 1 October, and stayed all the way to 23 October. EI-RJD then returned for a second tour, from 23 to 29 October. EI-RJH (msn E2345) then closed off the arrangement with a single round trip on 30 October. Although eight different RJ85s were involved, only one was flying for Flybe at any time. Flybe has announced a reciprocal codeshare agreement with CityJet parent Air France, which became effective at the end of October. Flybe will market seats on many Air France flights from the UK to France, as well as on some French domestic routes, while Air France will likewise market seats on Flybe routes from France to the UK and on British domestic routes.

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