BAE Systems revamps support offerings

At its media briefing in London, BAE Systems Regional Aircraft announced that it is revamping its JetSpares program and that it is working on a long-term maintenance program for the Avro RJ that would allow the aircraft to keep flying for at least another 20 years. The JetSpares program offers spares support at a fixed fee per flying hour, giving airlines certainty over their operating costs. At present, 115 aircraft from 18 operators are enrolled in the program. With many operators seeking ‘one-stop shop’ solutions, BSRA has revamped the JetSpares program, now dubbed JetSpares 2020, as part of a Total Support package that extends coverage to additional elements beyond the traditional airframe components supported by the company. The package now includes five elements – Airworthiness Support, Spares and Logistics Support, JetSpares 2020, Technical Support and Modifications – with individual operators taking the elements that return best value to them. To better serve new operators in more distant regions, BSRA is also developing regional support networks, notably in Africa. In parallel, BSRA is also seeking to extend the existing Supplementary Structural Inspections Document (SSID), which covers the BAe 146, to also cover the Avro RJ. Applying the SSID to an aircraft extends its airframe life to 60,000 cycles. The SSID complements the existing Corrosion Protection and Control Programme (CPCP) which already provides an infinite calendar life for airframes over twenty years. Sean McGovern, Business Director-Support said: “We are investing heavily in this programme as we believe there is a strong future for the Avro RJ. Our overall aim is to keep the aircraft current and competitive and to ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum.”

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