First BAe 146 for Korongo painted

Korongo Airlines BAe 146 OO-MJE

BAe 146 OO-MJE displays the new Korongo Airlines colors (Keith Burton)

The first BAe 146-200 for Korongo Airlines, OO-MJE (msn E2192), was painted in the airline’s full colors at Southend. Korongo Airlines is being established by Brussels Airlines in partnership with Georges Forrest International (GFI) and Congolese investors. OO-MJE had been intended to join AirDC, an earlier effort by Brussels Airlines to establish an airline in the DRC, and had been painted in that airline’s full colors. She had been in storage at Bruxelles since that project was abandoned. She underwent a C-Check in preparation for new assignment, emerging in mid-January for a flight test on 17 January, still wearing AirDC colors but now without titles. She was then ferried to Southend for painting on 26 January, returning to Bruxelles on 1 February. She is now scheduled to be used on Brussels Airlines’ European routes pending her departure for Lubumbashi, which is tentatively scheduled for late March.

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