TNT switches BAe 146 maintenance contract to Flybe


TNT 146QCs OO-TAY and OO-TAZ at Exeter (Brian Turnham)

TNT Airways switched its BAe 146 maintenance contract from KLM Engineering at Norwich to FlyBe Engineering at Exeter at the start of the year. KLM Engineering has been maintaining TNT’s 146s for over 10 years. Loss of the contract is forcing cutbacks at the firm, with as many as 50 jobs potentially being cut. The first TNT 146s to use Flybe’s services were the airline’s two 146QCs. OO-TAY (msn E2211) arrived at Exeter on 6 January and departed on 9 January, when she was replaced by OO-TAZ (msn E2188), who later departed on 27 January.

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