Air Libya BAe 146 flies to mountain airstrip

Libya’s rebel Transitional National Council put the short-field capabilities of Air Libya‘s BAe 146 to good use on 12 July, when they used her to fly oil and finance minister, Ali Tarhouni, to an improvised airstrip in the Nafusa mountains in western Libya. The route links rebel forces in the area to the main rebel areas in the eastern part of the country. The airstrip consists of a stretch of mountain highway near Rhebat. Reuters quoted the commander of the local rebel forces as saying it was the third time the landing strip had been used. Air Libya’s Series 300, 5A-DKQ (msn E3191), has been flying a variety of flights from Benghazi. On 6 July, for example, she flew a group of injured children to Malta for medical treatment. Her livery has been supplemented with a small tri-color Libyan flag, which the rebels have adopted to replace the all-green flag instituted after Muammar el-Qaddafi took power.

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