Blue1 withdraws its Avro RJ85s from service

OH-SAJ after operating Blue1's last RJ85 service

OH-SAJ after operating Blue1’s last RJ85 service (Janne Pakarinen)

In keeping with its announced intention of focusing its fleet on the Boeing 717, Finland’s Blue1 has withdrawn all five of its remaining RJ85s from service. OH-SAK (msn E2389) and OH-SAO (msn E2393) both flew their last services on 31 August, OH-SAL (msn E2392) on 1 September, and OH-SAP (msn E2394) and OH-SAJ (msn E2388) on 2 September. OH-SAJ Pyhäselkä flew the very last Blue1 RJ85 flight, KF804 from Bruxelles to Helsinki, landing at 23:25L. She was greeted by a small gathering of ground and flight crew, and a warm “Thank you” for its service. Blue1 was the last airline to take delivery of new-build Avro RJs, including the last production RJ85, OH-SAP. All five RJ85s have been parked at Helsinki, as they are not, in fact, due to be returned off-lease until 2014.

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