Lufthansa CityLine continues to wind down its Avro RJ fleet

Former CityLine RJ85 D-AVRH

Former CityLine RJ85 D-AVRH stored at Köln (Rainer Bexten)

CityLine continues to gradually retire its Avro RJ85s, which it operates for Lufthansa Regional. Seven had already been retired by the end of 2010 (D-AVRL msn E2285; D-AVRC msn E2251; D-AVRF msn E2269; D-AVRD msn E2257; D-AVRE msn E2261; D-AVRI msn E2270; and D-AVRK msn E2278). One more was retired in March (D-AVRO msn E2246), three this summer (D-AVRM msn E2288; D-AVRG msn E2266; and D-AVRH msn E2268), and one in October (D-AVRN msn E2293). All thirteen of the RJ85s that are on lease from Falko will be returned by the end of 2011, while the other five are advertized for sale.

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